Information Technology




Mission Statement:
To obtain a uniform standard of addressing in the unincorporated areas of Franklin County and within city limits of cities who ask our assistance with GIS technology.

The Information Technology Department has been designated by the Franklin County Commission to perform all addressing functions for the county.

The Franklin County Addressing Authority was established by Commission Order dated August 27, 1998 which adopted a policy regarding the naming of streets, roads and applicable private drives.

With the growth in Franklin County, a uniform standard for addressing has become very important. Addresses provide a common, systematic means by which people, places and events, can be located within a community.


Roads Requiring Names:

Any road, regardless of length, that provides access to two (2) or more properties will need to be named.
Final authority for assigning names to streets or roads shall rest solely with the Information Technology Department.


Need an Addresses? Need a Road Sign Replaced?

Contact us: call 636-583-6396 or come to the I.T. Department Office. We are located on the lower level of the Government Center in room 004. 


IT Department
400 E Locust
Room 004
Union, MO. 63084


Franklin County Offices  400 E Locust, Union, MO. 63084    hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM