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Restitution is an amount of money that has been ordered by a Judge, to be paid to reimburse a victim for any losses and/or damages incurred during a crime.





If you have been ordered to pay restitution, you must make a monthly payment towards your balance.  If you fail to make a monthly payment, the Prosecutorís Office will file a motion to revoke your probation.  Your restitution should be paid in full at least three months prior to your probation ending.





All payments should be in the form of a money order or cashierís check, payable to the Franklin County Prosecutor.  The Prosecutorís Office cannot accept cash or personal checks.


Restitution should be paid at the Franklin County Prosecutorís Payment Window or mailed to the office at:


15 S Church St Room 204

Union, MO  63084


Money orders can be purchased at most banks, post offices, some convenience stores and some grocery stores.  Cashierís checks can be purchased at a bank.  Be sure when purchasing a money order or cashierís checks that you have the exact amount due when making a payoff.  Some businesses will not exchange a money order on the spot.  Some businesses must send the wrong money orders to a corporate office, and it could take weeks to get your money back.


To obtain a restitution balance, please call (636) 583-6380.


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15 S Church St
Room 204
Union, MO 63084

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